I work for translation agencies, companies, research centers, universities, and individuals.

Over the years, I have translated, checked, proofread and produced copies for a wide range of documents but especially in the industrial sector, manufacturing, structural and mechanical engineering, corporate and information technology (IT).

I also spend part of my time translating scientific books, articles, and reports about physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

For the industrial sector, I usually translate user manuals, instructions, health and safety documents, product descriptions, MSDS (material safety data sheets), websites, employee handbooks and manuals, employee surveys, corporate documents, brochures, catalogs, leaflets, and similar documents.

I also translate a wide range of marketing materials, including branding and advertising campaigns, social media translation, leaflets, sales brochures, websites, e-commerce, blogs, and email marketing.

Besides, for the IT market, I provide translation services for app descriptions, user interfaces, help files, networking and system administration, telecommunications, e-learning, and course materials, among others.

If you need another type of documents translated, reach out and I will give you my thoughts.