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Hands-on experience in the translation industry, as well as an educational background in language studies, is highly recommended in technical translation, as jargon and terminology need profound knowledge.

I receive many CVs from beginner freelance translators asking for work, or even wondering how to get translation jobs with little or no experience at all.

When offering their services, they state they have some or even a lot of experience in several specific domains.

But is it workable to be an expert in several domains or at least achieving the desirable proficiency?

Every one of us had ever overheard a conversation between experts in a certain domain, be it a chat between lawyers, medical doctors, engineers, etc. And at some point, we missed something, some technical wording or phrases.

Note you are listening to persons speaking in your native language!

This situation reveals that in order for us to grasp what a message is trying to convey, we need some background knowledge and expertise in a concrete subject.

This is especially true with translation.

It’s unfeasible for a translator or linguist to determine what the meaning of certain technical expressions is if she/he hasn’t the training and experience needed to understand all technical jargon involved, no matter what her/his educational or training level may be.

It’s of utmost importance having hands-on experience in the translation industry, as this is crucial for getting a good quality translation that is accurate, consistent and relevant.

Having all of this in mind, we can establish some recommended rules to follow to make sure our texts are in good hands:

  • Translators and/or reviewers have both a language educational background
  • Enough experience in the subject
  • Knowledge and mastery of the required terminology
  • Use of this terminology for years, the longer the better
  • Having the required skills and training to combine both disciplines, linguistic education and a professional background in the field

You can always check this by requesting a blank CV of your translator or linguist so you can see her/his bio and decide upon it.

Remember, if you have questions you would like to share with me I´m here to help.

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